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Dr. Bianca Roters received her first teaching degree in English and German from Dortmund University in Germany. In her dissertation, she conducted a comparative empirical study on pre-service teachers’ reflective practices at a German and US-American university. She received her PhD from Bielefeld University in 2011. After two years of teaching at a German secondary school, she finished her teacher training with a second state examination. In 2013, she assumed a position as junior faculty member and manager of the Interdisciplinary Center for Empirical Research on Teachers and Teaching at the University of Cologne.

In February 2015, she assumed a tenured position as researcher and program coordinator for  foreign languages at the North Rhine-Westphalia State Institute for Schools and Professional Development (QUA-LiS), a research institute which is affiliated with the Ministry of School and Teacher Training in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Her main research areas include the empirical investigation of (pre-service) teacher knowledge, teacher training from an international perspective, curriculum development in foreign languages as well as the role of reflection in (foreign) language teacher training.

Selected publications in English:

Blume, C., Gerlach, D., Roters, B. & Schmidt, T. (2021). Mindsets and reflection in teacher education for inclusive language classrooms. Zeitschrift für Fremdsprachenforschung, S. 33-54.

Blume, Carolyn, Gerlach, David, Roters, Bianca & Schmidt, Torben (2019): The ABCs of Inclusive English Teacher Education: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study Examining the Attitudes, Beliefs and (Reflective) Competence of Pre-Service Foreign Language Teachers. TESL-EJ. Available Online.

Bianca Roters (2017). (Primary) EFL teachers’ professional knowledge. In: E. Wilden & R. Porsch (Eds.). The Professional Development of in-service and pre-service primary EFL teachers. National and International Research. Münster: Waxmann. pp. 167-180.

Roters, Bianca (2015). Pre-Service Teachers’ Professional Growth as Leaders – Empowerment through Research-oriented Reflective Practice and Didactic Expertise. In: Craig, Cheryl J. & Orland-Barak, L. (Eds.) International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies. Bingley: Emerald. pp. 31-49.